GoPro Protune color correction, the KDEnlive way on Linux

Having fun with your GoPro? Being on Linux for post-processing? If so, you’ll probably love this. You don’t need Cineform to give that Protune footage some awesomeness. Heck, you can even beat Cineform. No magic bullets required either.

So I looked into manual color correction of Protune footage as it comes out of a GoPro 2. Turns out it’s actually not difficult at all, simply apply the following corrections in that sequence:

– Denoise. The darker your shot, the more Denoise you’ll want. But don’t overdo it, or you’ll loose that typical punchy GoPro look we all love
– Levels. Or curves. Or any other filter you are comfy with to restore contrast. I love levels for its simplicity. Just drag both triangles inwards until the flat ends of the curve are gone.
– Sharpening. You will want quite a bit of it. Balance it with denoising for best results
– White balance. Or color correction. Or whatever filter you are comfy with it. The target is obvious. Get the color tones right. Look at a white subject and adjust correction until it appears really white.
– Saturation. You’re almost done! Just crank up them colors, just like you expect it from your typical GoPro footage.

Sounds easy? It actually is. And the results, without much tweaking, match or beat Cineform. Just look at this brief comparison. To make things even easier, go ahead and download the correction stack, ready for import into KDEnlive in case this is the editor of your choice. Apply it, tweak the parameters to your liking. And please tell me in the comments below what you think about it.