The best fruit in the whole world

Enter the 21st century. A group of people called the Bluetooth SIG invents a standard for short-range data communication point-to-point. They see that people will want to exchange data easily and define a function called “Object push” so that you can “push” an object such as a photo or contact or document or whatever to someone else. Conveniently. Fast. Good idea for the upcoming smartphones!

Meanwhile Apple redefines the smartphone market. Unfortunately, due to “security concerns”, Apple decides that they will not support this Object Push. Unlike all other smartphone manufacturers. So, Apple user, you can’t push or be pushed by others. Never mind, live with the limitation.

Fast forward some 13 years (nomen est omen?). Apple announces the new iOS7. And the blogging scene hypes about a great new feature introduced by Apple, dubbed Air Drop. Unfortunately, maybe because it’s so great, it’s an Apple-proprietary “invention” which means it will only work with Apple devices. Don’t push or be pushed by other fruit.

I do like my iPhone. And I usually try to control my temper in public. But to this, I can really only comment “F#$@ you, Apple”. They’re slowly putting nail after nail into their own coffin.